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Fundraiser Results

Yesterday was the last day for the Femto fundraiser, and I just made the donation. The total came out to $74.59, which I just rounded up to an even $75. You can see the day-by-day breakdown on the spreadsheet, and the donation confirmation here.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated.

A New Fundraiser

I think everyone has at least some idea of the shit that’s happening in America right now, and it seriously pained me to just sit idly by while people were out there fighting against this oppression. I would attend a protest if I could, but sadly circumstances don’t allow. I’m still trying to help in any way I can, which is why I’m doing another fundraiser.

From tomorrow, June 3rd, to June 17th, 100% of all proceeds from Femto, my text editor (and the only paid app I make), will be donated to organizations that fight against racism and police brutality. I learned about this ActBlue page from Christian Selig, the developer of Apollo, who showed an incredible amount of his own generosity earlier today. You can learn more about this fundraiser on femtoeditor.com, and follow the running total for the next 2 weeks. Purchases from new users and tips from existing users will be counted toward this total.

Thank you so much for your support, and please encourage your friends and loved ones to donate in any form. Stay safe out there.

Celebrating Pride Month

If you visit my site, you may have noticed some color changes. For the entire duration of Pride Month, this site will show the colors of various Pride flags (the full list is here). If you’re interested in the code side of this, you can see the script here. I myself am bisexual, and I wear that proudly. I know this is a tiny way to celebrate on a site that gets little traffic, but this is my little corner of the Internet that I have full control over, and that’s honestly really comforting right now. And yes, I did wait until midnight today to post this. I’m excited.

So happy Pride Month to all the wonderful people who are out, in the closet, or figuring themselves out. Stay safe.

Updates Update

Alright, so I’m realizing that updating posts later doesn’t work. I use NetNewsWire as my RSS reader, and it doesn’t refresh with the updated section. I can’t say if this exists for other readers, but you can never be too safe. I’ll stop doing updates on posts in the future.


Hello! I decided to make a blog. I’m not sure how often I’ll update here, but it’s nice to have. I built this Jekyll theme from scratch as well, so hopefully that holds up. I think there might be a few issues I have to fix, but we’ll get there when we get there. In the meantime, let’s see how this goes. I can already tell I need to find a better way to send posts to GitHub.

Update: I built an Automator Folder Action to rename and push any Markdown files that get added to a Send To Blog folder. So that’s definitely a lot easier.